The Don Difference

Sebastian "The Don" DiFelice

Every man has one destiny. For Sebastian "The Don" DiFelice that destiny is serving his 5-star rated BBQ at parties, gatherings, events and now at his first restaurant located in Watertown. But this destiny was just a hobby up until June 2018. When he found himself 25 years into a corporate career that he no longer felt passionate about The Don decided to trade in his suit and tie for a chef coat and thermometer and never looked back. Today, The Don serves up the best Texas-style BBQ east of 495!  But it is his Italian upbringing that taught him the important role homemade dishes play in special events and the wonderfully delicious memories that pair along with them. He now fuels his passion knowing the food he prepares and serves will be a special part of the memories every customer makes, one meal at a time.